Maria Santana


I enjoy keeping the company of creative people. I find creative energy to be inciting

(like a riot) and often the inspiration for a poem. Maria Santana is a sculptor, and the creator of the amazing clay “Shaman Whistle Women.” The idea originated from the creation myths of her native country, Venezuela. Her woman are uniquely designed and decorated with functional whistles making each piece both sculpture and instrument.

excerpt from “Shaman Whistle Woman.”

The faces of
Indigenous shaman
women agaze through peeled
stick and reed,
shaped in the kiln of the
forest with whistles
angled from heads and

breasts covered with
hawk feathers and
tinted legs
rustling under
pasture skirts the color
of South American
butterflies, lush Amazon
straggly root-grass hair
adorned with
sea glass bangles
and beads
that drip from
curved hips……

See her art at:

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