Macabre May, that’s what I’m calling it.

This month’s “Jitter” magazine features my short story, “Eels.” I thought I would give horror a try and while it was fun I won’t be writing it much, too scary!” My Sci-Fi poem, “2-Steps Ahead of the Vapor Line” has been selected to appear in a Sci-Fi Anthology sponsored by the Houston Writers Guild. It will appear later this year on-line and at Barnes and Noble. My tribute to the Salem witchcraft trials, “Dead Witches in Cold Well Water,” appears on-line in this issue of H-ngM-n Press (Hangman Press). The site also includes an interview with the author. A video recording of “Dead Witches” should be on-line at Hangman soon.

Excerpt from “Eels”

“The next morning I saw nothing unusual – no ambulances, police, or yellow tape. I wondered if her body was yet to be found, or perhaps I imagined everthing. Did my neighbor simply bring home a lover that couldn’t get enough of her? Were garbage trucks rattling about in the night? Surely there was a rational explanation?” Excert from “Dead Witches.” “Must be the season to hear the rattle of wagon wheels and tired nags snorting cold air as they trudge through the mud under the weight of condemned witches slouching towards dreary Gallows Hill, where pitch black crows pass the time on wooden crossbars.”

Peace, Doug

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A Thousand Peaceful Buddhas 2nd Printing

A Thousand Peaceful Buddhas final A

I would like to thank everyone who bought or supported my chapbook, “A Thousand Peaceful Buddhas.” The first run is sold out and more are on the way (digital copies available on Amazon). Eight poems from the collection have been accepted for publication and a second book is planned for this summer. Also, a book of my non-military poems is in the works. Some proceeds from the book have been donated to to various Veterans writing groups as well as an organization that removes mines from Vietnam and another that teaches Vietnamese children to play traditional instruments. Thanks again for your support.


Doug D’Elia



Thanks to everyone who emailed to wish me “good luck.” The Intertext reading was a success and I’m grateful to Syracuse University for including me in the program. There were a few wet eyes, but the poem, “Heavy Metal,” is about a disfigured Vietnam Veteran who has decided to commit suicide to Led Zeppelin. 

My mother cries at night, she doesn’t know I
can hear her down here in the basement,
down here in my own private Hanoi Hilton.
My headphones smother my ears
lost in Led Zeppelin played full tilt,
volume up, screaming.
Whole Lotta Love.
“Got a Whole Lot of Love,” baby.
Every night I wire my middle finger
to the trigger of my revolver,
wondering if tonight will be the night
I have the courage to end the pain…