Doug D'Elia meets with Sister Megan Rice

Doug D’Elia meets with Peace Activist & nun┬áSister Megan Rice.

Written on the 25th anniversary

of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.



Such a tiny man in the shadow of all that metal

each of his hands holding tight to a bag of

produce fresh from the market that he may

never get to eat, his body the only weapon

against such tyranny, climbing onto the metal tank

in the center of Tiananmen Square banging on the turret




Such a tiny man, Thich Quang Duc,

the Buddhist monk sitting lotus

in the center of a busy Saigon street

as his brothers pour gasoline

on his body and lit him afire

in protest of unfair treatment towards

Buddhists by Catholic converts.

His disciplined body never flinching as

his flesh melts away amid the whispers,



Such a tiny woman, Sister Megan Rice,

the 85 year-old Catholic nun that has spent

a vast portion of her life in Africa ministering

to the poor, now sentenced to 5 (to life?)

years in prison for breaching security at

the maximum security nuclear facility

in Tennessee – the makers of weapons

of mass destruction, armed with nothing

more than spray paint and a bible, banging

on the door yelling,


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