Amanda Lanzone

Amanda Lanzone

If there is one thing I wish I did better it’s draw, but I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with talented illustrators. When I owned the Cocoa Village Playhouse in Florida, Susan Rush did all the posters and art design. Jeff Bowe did the art work for the massage school and now I’m blessed to have found Amanda Lanzone. A good marketing person will tell you presentation is everything, and Amanda’s work is both creative and whimsical. Amanda’s illustrations appear in my first chapbook “26point2poems,” and she designed the cover for “A Thousand Peaceful Buddhas.” Her work has appeared in “The New Yorker” and “The New York Times.” You can view her work at


One thought on “Amanda Lanzone

  1. Amanda’s artwork is the perfect complement to Doug Delia’s creative writing. Her artistic presentation marries image-senses-words into very memorable presentations…keep on keepin’ on!

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