werewolf“Monsters are real, so are ghosts. They live inside of us and sometimes they win.”

~ Stephen King

My poem “My Names Not Frankenstein” will appear in the next issue of the Non-Binary Review.

This follows acceptances of “Eels” and “2 Steps Ahead of the Vapor Line,” also Sci- Fi/Horror stories. I write very little Sci-Fi/horror so I’m a bit surprised at my success in the genre.

Has the issue come up for you? Have you expereinced success in an area that you have put little effort into and has it caused you to reconsider how you allocate your time?


Opening Lines from┬áMy Name’s Not Frankenstein


How sad

am I, the son of Doctor Frankenstein?


No sooner had the doctor sown the last silver nylon stitch into my leathery skin

when he threw down his scalpel in disgust at what he had created

and rushed off to mourn, overwhelmed with remorse, belching so violently

his eyes overflowing with tears.