Happy Holidays!

Holiday Blog
I want to wish everyone a great holiday season. It has been a productive year with the completion of three new books:


Forever to an Underwood Typewriter - A collection of favorites written over the past year. Several having been published in magazine and journals, including “Gratitude Kites,” “Crossing Midnight“, and “If I should Pass you on the Way Down.”


75 Klicks Above the Do Lung Bridge – My second volume of military poems. Published favorites are “Tombstone Blues,” “Counting M-16’s Apart in my Sheep,”
and Kaleidoscope.”


Ocho Coho – is eight unusual short stories written at the Chiba Latte Cafe.
Three of the stories, “My Name’s not Frankenstein,” “2 Steps Ahead of the Vapor Line” and “Eels” have been published this year.


Please consider one or all of these books for holiday gifts!

To order please Email: dougvandelia@gmail.com

Happy Holidays,


Peace Through Art

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