Plays & Art

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“The 800-Pound Gorilla in the Room”
A One-Act Drama/Comedy
Ten years after her abduction by King Kong, Ann Darrow seeks professional help for symptoms consistent with Captivity Disorder and Post Dramatic Stress Disorder from a doctor with rather odd, but effective methods. Appropriate for all ages.

“The Laugher” (1969) – Winner of the Holyoke Community College play writing competition. Holyoke, MA.

“October’s Friends: A Rock Musical” (1970) – Winner of the Holyoke Community College student playwriting competition. Three sold out performances.

“Machines” (1971) – Theatre in the Park performance. Springfield, MA.“Eggs” (1972) – North Dakota Traveling Children’s Theatre Company. Resident writer, with performances in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Colorado.

“A Field Guide to the Birds East of the Jetty Pier”

Winner. One-act play competition, County Playhouse, Houston, Texas (1984).

Winner of the Tallahassee Playwrights Ensemble one-act lay competition.

Performance at the Florida Museum of History, sponsored by Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (1984).

Winner of the Indian River Players one-act play competition, Melbourne, Florida.

Performance by The Contemporary Theatre of Syracuse, Lemoyne Firehouse Theatre (1987)

“What Will We Do When the Mint Juleps are Gone?” (1985) – Winner of the Indian River one-act play competition (competitions first multiple winner).

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Panda Bears” (1984) – Runner-up. Indian River Players one-act competition, Melbourne, Florida.

“Italian Fish” (1986) –  Performance by The Senior Citizens Acting Troupe, Syracuse, New York.