Doug D’Elia would like to acknowledge the editors of the following journals, where some of these poems first appeared:

“PTSD In a Vietnamese Restaurant” appears in As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 4  (June 2016)

Pearls –  Pentimento Journal   (January  2016)

One Fifth  – Pure Slush   (January  2016)

Never Too Old – Still Crazy   (January 2016)

Dead Babies – Beechwood Review   (October 2015)

Woodstock Eyes – Bohemia   (June 2014)

“A Battlefield Full of Mothers” appeared in  O-Dark-Thirty

“Wednesday I Write Haiku” appeared in Haiku Today (April 2014)

“Heavy Metal” and “Living the Disney Dream” appeared in Intertext (Syracuse University – April 2014)

“Don’t Thank Me For Serving” appeared in Evergreen Review (summer 2013)

“Stone, Paper, Ink” appeared in Contemporary Haibun On-line (January 2014)

“Aviaries of God” will appear in Bette Noir (Issue 17, October 2014)

“Mother Mary, Sister Morphine” appeared in Line of Advance (Issue 1, March 2014)

“The Question of My One Leg” appeared in Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Issue 10, April 2014)

“Elephant Grass” and  “The Body Snatchers” will appear in O’Dark Thirty (winter, 2014)

“Crossing Midnight” appeared in The Wayfarer (March 2014)

“Eels” appeared in Jitter Press (April 2014)

“Dead Witches in Cold Well Water” appeared in H_ngM_n Press (Summer 2014)

“Cottage Envy” is a winner in “Poetry Jumps off the Shelf” contest

“My Name’s Not Frankenstein” appeared in NonBinary Review  Summer,2014.

“2 Steps Ahead of the Vapor Line” appears in the anthology “Tides of Possibility” August 2014. Available through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

“The Homeless Veteran” and “The Gypsy Fortune-teller,” will appear in the 9/16/14
edition of Melancholy Hyperbole (E-Zine).

“Counting M-16’s Apart in My Sheep,” will appear in the Southeast Missouri Press publication Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors (volume 3, Anthology section).

“Vietnam Marathon” will appear in Syracuse University Veteran’s Writers Group Anthology (Winter 2015).

“Geometry” and “Tombstone Blues” will appear in Intertext (Syracuse University, April 2015).

“Two Old Poets” and “Sake With Friends” (Haiku) will appear in NeverEnding Story, 
Chen-ou’s bilingual on-line journal. The haiku will appear in both English and Mandarin (Spring 2015).

“Kaleidoscope” will appear in Stone Canoe in January 2015.

“Homecoming: Sitting Shiva” will appear in the Veteran’s Writer’s Group Anthology, Spring 2015, (Univ. of California).

“Medical Horses,” and “Little Miss Muffet” appears in the Kind of a Hurricane Press Anthology, Twice Upon a Time, available in print or on-line, (Spring 2015).

“Occupational Lies” and “Forever Wars” appear in Whirlwind issue #4
“I Could Be Turning Japanese” appears in Spitball issue #76
“Stairway to Heaven,” and “Radio Saints” has been accepted and will appear in a forthcoming issue of Iodine Poetry Journal.
Doug’s haiku have appeared in the following:

Three Line Poetry (Issue 23, 2014)

50 Haikus (Vol. 1 Issue 3. 2014)

Poetry Haiku (June 2014)

Frogpond ( 37:2 Spring Issue) – Frogpond the Journal of the Haiku Society of America


Doug’s art work has appeared in the following:

Bleeding Red, White, and Blue – Military Experience and the Arts (January 2016)