Doug D’Elia Reads at Kerouac Event

Doug Reading Poetry
     “Happy, just in my swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired in the red fired dark, singing, swinging, spitting, jumping, running, that’s the way to live.” That was the writer’s prompt. A line from Kerouac’s book “Dharma Bums.” Jack wrote that line, just a couple blocks from where I live and I’m writing this entry.
     We are from the same province in Canada. French-Canadiens whose parents moved to mill towns in Massachusetts, and we played that silly baseball game with made-up teams and players. We were both drawn to poetry, eastern religion, haiku, and the addictive quality of good booze and exotic scenery. We both lived in the College Park area of Orlando, but our writing styles couldn’t be different. I always felt Jack wrote in a trance like stupor punching at typewriter keys like an underdog prize fighter sensing a decisive knockout while I tend to dance around the edges of the ring.
     The house Jack lived in here in College Park is now home to the Kerouac Project Writer’s in Residence Program. I’ve had the opportunity to write in the Jack’s space, in front of the window that looks out to a backyard filled with lush Florida trees and tropical fauna. This week the Kerouac Project sponsored an event at the Avalon Gallery and I was one of a dozen poets to read at the event.
     I read my poem, “Hey, Jack Kerouac,” which incorporated the prompt from Dharma Bums, and my own additions.
 “…drinking shots of tequila on the roof top
of some decrepit hotel
under a starry Mayan sky,
tracing 242 choruses
of Mexico City Blues
in a trance like stupor
punching at typewriter keys
like an underdog prize fighter
sensing a decisive knockout…”

Haiku Pottery is Born

Haiku Poetry
Liz and I have started yet another business, Haiku Pottery. Haiku pottery combines my haiku and Liz’s pottery. Special orders welcome. You can choose from one of my haiku or we’ll use your own.
Example:    A cup of tea
                   warms the hands
                   inspires the heart
                         long walks
                       with old friends
                   no shortage of stories

Happy New Year!

Van at Tango

Happy New Year!

     I hope you continue to “Feed Your Head” in 2015! I’m in Florida, heading over to Kerouac’s house to search his lawn for words left behind.
     Last year was a productive year, two books of poetry and one of short stories.
I would love feedback from anyone who has read them. And if you haven’t read them I’m hoping you make it a New Year’s resolution!
     For 2015, I may be working on a project with Jimmy Santiago Baca in Santa Fe.
  I’m meeting with Gracie and Lucy in consideration of a juice book, a new book of poems, and an autobiography of sorts, “Mother Was Born at Woodstock.”
     If I make it back to Syracuse by spring I’ll be reading at Intertext the Syracuse University writer’s journal.
     My latest published poem is “Kaleidoscope” which appearing in Stone Canoe  this month, and “Homecoming, Sitting Shiva” which will appear in the Veterans Writer’s Project sponsored by Cal University Humanities Dept.