Image of Forever to an Underwood Typewriter

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new book, “Forever to an Underwood Typewriter.” The collection contains 36 poems of diverse subject and nature. Reader’s favorites have been “Crossing¬†Midnight,” a poem that asks the question: if you had but one hour of sight per day, which hour would you choose? ¬† “Dead Witches in Cold Well Water” images of the Salem Witch Trials. “Gratitude Kites,” a poem that explores death, mourning, and gratitude. “Little Warning,” what will you be thinking in those last seconds? “If I Should Pass You On the Way Down,” a story of hope and support. “A West Texas Moment,” explores Native American courage and tradition in a modern setting. My personal favorites are “Lynching Cats,” “Being Ali,” and “I Want to Be Anthologized.”

The collection is available for download at Amazon (Click HERE!) or directly from the author. The price is $7.99 for a download or $9.99 for hardcopy. If you would like to own a copy but money is an issue, please let me know.

Public readings in support of the book will be announced on this blog.

Thanks for your support.


Doug D’Elia